Noosafit personal training instructors not only have the right qualifications but the right motivational techniques and real world experience of competition and professional training techniques. You can always be sure the instructors know exactly what you are doing as they will have done it themselves.

Who Am I?

I’m an experienced ex-cross country and off road athlete, although i can still be convinced to take part in the odd mountain marathon. My passion is for being outside, being active and promoting health. I have been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years and i’ve seen some huge changes.

Gyms are changing rapidly, fitness has adapted and its now more than ever about functional fitness, i promote the importance of full body health. What this means is getting the body in shape and the ‘diet’ in the right order. I hope to empower you with the knowledge to change your life forever. Gyms aren’t suitable for everyone, running for hours is just boring and here is the big secret… diets don’t work!

I can guarantee that if you train with me you will feel more confident and comfortable.  We will find a location for your workout that suits you.  I will ensure that you understand the correct, safe, techniques before undergoing anything new.  In addition to this I will vary your workouts to ensure they are always challenging.   I promise to motivate, encourage and make you feel great about yourself.

My Qualifications

  • Lifetime Personal Trainer/Advanced Fitness
  • Lifetime Fitness Instructor
  • REPS – Level 3
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Bootcamp Instructor
  • Level 2 Kayak Instructor

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Fraser Jones – Head Personal Trainer

Some of my highlights

  • Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Raised over £1000 teaching bootcamps for charity
  • Completed Great South Run 4 times
  • Competed in the Mizuno Endure 24 hour running race