With Christmas well and truly behind us motivation will be high to stick to goals and make the most of each training session. That doesn’t mean there is any more time in the day, so with time at a premium HIIT training could be your answer.

High Intensity Interval Training, can be as short as 15 minutes but have the same effects if not better than doing a steady controlled 45 minute cardio workout!  I know I can see your face screw up already, this guys had too much mulled wine over xmas, but don’t believe me? Then why not give it a go for yourself. I have been incorporating this kind of training into my classes and my routines for a few years now and it’s a great way to get some quick cardio in. If you want to raise your fitness levels quickly then this is the training for you.

What is HIIT training?

HIIT features short sprints (lasting no longer than one minute) performed at very high intensities, interrupted by brief rest periods. HIIT training can be adapted to any cardio activity and generally last around 15-20 minutes. Making them great for saving time and as an impromptu cardio blast.

Unlike Tabata intervals, which typically consist of 20-second sprints followed by 10-second recovery periods, a HIIT workout has recovery periods that are usually longer than the sprints.


A sample HIIT treadmill workout

One minute – Sprint speed

Two minutes – Jog Speed

Repeat 5 times.


Why does it work?

The reason HIIT workouts are great for fat burning is that after the workout because it’s so intense the metabolic rate stays elevated for a longer period. This means your body is at an optimal fat burning state for longer and continue burning calories long after you have finished your workout.

Other studies have shown that in comparison to standard cardio sessions over an 8 week period client’s vo2 max increased much faster than when completing HIIT cardio than

Personal Training with Noosafit

So with Christmas around the corner you’re probably looking for a time-efficient way to improve and maintain your fitness levels or boost your energy, HIIT is your answer.

If you have never completed a HIIT session before Noosafit can help!  Get in touch to book your next personal training session in Portsmouth.