Some of you may be thinking about resolutions right now, some of you will already have decided on them. Resolutions are no different to the goals you should be setting yourself each year, so here are my top tips for a successful resolution and sticking to it.

1. Make them specific. “I want to run faster” is not a goal, try “I want to run a mile in less than 8 minutes” make it a specific target a goal be it size, weight, distance, or certification. Set a date you want to run an 8 minute mile, by when?

2. If you fall, get back up again as fast as you can. If you miss a days training, or miss a target milestone don’t give up. Stop. Relax. Re-asses your goal, have you set the bar too high? Then figure out where you went wrong and get straight back on it. One slip up is not the end of the world, or your resolution.

3. Make sure it’s achievable. Going from sitting on the sofa to running a marathon in less than 6 months is probably possible, but it’s not wise. Saying you are never going to eat ice cream/ chocolate/cake again… just won’t work. Neither should it, that’s just boring! Cut down on chocolate and cake, cut down on quantity and frequency of your pleasure meals. Don’t cut them out. Make your resolution achievable and make it relevant to your long term goals be that weight loss, gains or new qualifications.

4. Don’t start on the 1st or January. Many of you will think i’m crazy for this one but the chances are at 1 minute past midnight you will be in full swing of the celebration and with any luck sharing a NYE kiss! The last thing you want to do is go for a run, think about your new healthy eating plan (and how at 12.01 you’ve already failed) or not eat from the snack table. Wait a day or two until things have settled the hangover is gone and you are more focused.

Remember resolutions are for the year, maybe even for life not just for January, make a commitment and long term plan to achieve your goals set the target and give it everything you have.