What is a Raspberry Ketone?

Put simply it’s a natural phenolic compound of the red raspberry – a phenolic compound?? Yes.. basically until now it’s the bit of a raspberry used primarily in fragrances. Something you would usually find in air freshener or perfume.

These pills have been touted as the latest and greatest pill to burn fat and lose weight, apparently they assist with fat metabolism.

What is important is the facts.

I won’t go into the science of it (there really isn’t much) but these pills have never been tested on humans. In fact there is no real evidence that these pills do burn fat, there have been two tests conducted on rats, where initial evidence did point to a fat burning capacity after the rats were given the ketone’s. However there are no tests on humans, not long term tests on the effects good or bad on humans. There are no blind scientific tests, no consumer polls, nothing.

The most concerning fact is the most recent tub of pills I saw stated that these pills were raspberry ketones… that’s it. Not Raspberry ketones ‘great for fat burning’ or ‘watch the weight fall off’ just pure ketones no claims, no statements.

Now that is worrying that the makers won’t even hold their hand up and even hint at a benefit to taking these pills… probably because they cant substantiate it.

Think before you take the next ‘miracle pill’ ask yourself what’s the evidence (is there any?) to support the claim and what’s actually in the pill or powder?

With Raspberry ketone’s offering very little evidence to suggest fat loss you might be better off saving your money, if it really is burning a hole in your pocket hire a trainer to write you a program or take you through your paces.